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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 15, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the 20-year-old considered at rix because you suffered a head injury and n.a biking accident at henry cal state park. san jose officials are celebrating their first police academy to graduate with 43 new recruits. the union says many more officers are still needed. we're live in san jose for us. >> there is still four more months before new recruits can work alone here in san jose. police are -- residents are hopeful more police will mean less crime. the police officers hared in with their heads held high, music of bag pipes. 43 are here to receive their badges and be sworn in. this is the first police academy class to graduate since 2009. on the streets residents like freedar happy more officers will soon hit streets. >> as a senior, i don't like to go out after dark because
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i'm afraid. i don't like what i see on the streets. >> these recruits have gone through six months of rig plus training. >> i've just been excited about trying to do this. now i'm focused on trying to accomplish the next step, which is fco phase. >> it's field training. the graduation of these 43 recruits ais a small step to try to feel vacancies in the department since cuts forced massive layoffs two years ago. we've taken officers from one job putting them on to patrols but that means we've depleted our capacity for property crimes. >> jim says more money and more academies are needed and says these officers will not
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keep up with the rapidly shrinking department. >> we've been averaging 70 resignations for two years. it's going to be a rough time. >> officers are ready to go on the job. another class is scheduled to begin april 15th. there are 50 recruits in that class. another class opens in september. 400 are under going background checks for that academy. >> thank you. tomorrow marks one year since morgan hill teenager sierra lamar vanished on the way to school. the 15-year-old last seen march 16th walking to a bus stop near home. despite a massive search by her family, volunteers and police she was never seen again. police arrested a 21-year-old suspect and charged him with murder. tomorrow morning lamar's family plans to hold a news conference follow bid a balloon release.
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>> the family of three people kill bid a hit and run driver remembered them today. 50-year-old, a 23-year-old, and a 15-year-old died when a car driven by a 28-year-old man plowed into their car in daily city saturday night. police say dennis was drunk at the time and driving away from another accident. >> san francisco police opened fire on a suspected car jacker this morning after they say he used a stolen taxi to ram their kafr cars. police say the suspect jumped on the roof of a cab, breaking the windshield. the cab driver took off. police used taxi to track that cab to presidio heights them tried to pin the suspect in. >> this is when the driver
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drove at the officer, officer trying to get out of the way of the car then defending him, himself. >> the suspect was not hit, he kept driving. he was soon arrested for car jacking and assault on a police officer. >> the fbi is looking for a man leased from jail mistakenly. accused of a takeover style robbery this month, arrested for the robbery, then, released from a contra costa county jail by mistake. agents say he held a gun to the teller's head, demanding money. >> south san francisco taking new steps to help stop human trafficking. the new rules adopted by the city council police say the peninsula city investigated more than 150 cases of human
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trafficking since 2005. mostly involving pimps and escorts. >> a former san francisco crime lab technician faces up to a year in prison after pleading guilty to a federal misdemeanor charge of cocaine possession. deborah madden after admitting she took small amounts of cocaine from the lab. both trials ended with hung injuries. the 63-year-old worked for 29 years in the crime lab before resigning. the case compromised hundreds of drug prosecutions in the san francisco court system. >> workers in a trash collection company went on strike this morning over the use of e verify a data base program employers can use to verify eligibility to work. mark matthews is in san leeand dro. you point out it may get more attention. >> word out of washington, d.c. is that e verify will be
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part of immigration reform this week. both senate and white house have signaled that. it's raising concerns. early this morning sky 7 over this facility as workers shut down operations about five hours over what they say is abuse of e verify. >> the company wasn't supposed to use it without consulting with workers they violate that had rule, also using it improperly, resulting in workers losing job autos union accusing the company of retall yailting against employees. company says it ran the nake naimz through the e verify program, and the data base said some were not documented. >> they're given time to go in and correct it. they had six to eight months to do that. they did not do it so. there are three employees that did not comply. they were getlett go. >> it's latest in a series of
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disputes. last year, pacific steel withdrew from the program as part of a settlement after 200 employees were let go by the company. the me pueblo use of e verify called activists to call for a change. now experts are warning of pit falls. >> if you're going to have employment verification it has to qum a road map of legal slaigs. -- legal yi saigs. >> she says studies show the data base has errors and workers need time to correct errors. >> if you apply for a job, you get the job. ten, employer does the check. it comes back saying you're not you're not eligible to
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work. >> he says needs to be safeguards. there are groups that tend to be excluded. women, people with hiven yaited names are problematic. how big of a problem? we're work on the story for abc 7 news at 6:00. >> people in san francisco may soon may more to get to get their trash picked up. right now, single family homes paying rn around $21 a month. saying it costs more to collect waste today than it did when rates took affect three years ago. if the city goes along witness, rates will go up in september. >> and still to come type of work could increase a woman's chance of getting cervical advancer -- cans year a parking lot turns into a deadly landing strip for a plane crash. >> i'm sandhya patel.
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cooler wet weather coming up. i'll let you know if it will affect your weekend plans straight ahead. >> plus... pressure being put on a bay area executive to foot the bill for america's cup when it sails into san francisco bay. the news at 5:00 continues in one minute.
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this is just in. new development a search for a missing skt's valley man. abc 7 news learned matthew austin abraham has been found in salt lake city. he's in police custody. the family is now making arrangements to reunite with their son. a fiery plane crash in florida left three people
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dead. officials say the plane experienced problems after taking off from an airport. the piper naf gentlemanno trying to return when crashing into a parking lot. the plane plowed through several cars before smashing into a building and bursting into flames. the victims all on board, no one on the ground was hurt. >> a lane of eastbound highway 92 has been cross closed most of the day. sheer why. a home slid off a trailer after a vehicle towing it overturned. the number one lane was closed for safety reasons. traffic limited to one way for a while. crews removed the home. that lane reopened about 4:00 this afternoon. >> drivers are going to face detours along the nimitz freeway near the oakland coliseum. northbound 880 will be closed from 1:00 to 6:00 sunday morning. drivers following a detour taking them along coliseum way
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before getting back on the freeway. the closures allowing for crews to install part of a bridge. that span will carry a shuttle system. linking bart and oakland airport. a recall affecting more than 200,000 toyotas. the safety recall involves 2007 through 2013 model year fj cruisers according to toyota the retractors can crack over time and seat belts can become detached. the owners will be notified by mail. repairs can be done at any authorized dealer. >> bart is taking a look at its bike policy. first car is off limits. that is wheelchair access. during commute hours, first three will be passenger only. the program runs next week only from monday to friday.
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>> a former san francisco supervisor is pressuring larry ellison to makeup the budget short fall for america's cup races this summer. the billionaire founder brought the races to the bay with his team ora cell. -- orra cell. but estimations have fallen far short, leaving it $20 million deficit. former supervisor says. >> it's not attracting interest from other racing teams there was going to be 12-15 different teams turns out there is going to be four. so it has not generated the interest. it's not going to generate the money. >> he started an online petition asking ellison to pick up the tab. >> researchers found eating too much high fat dairy could inl crease the risk of death in breast cancer patients.
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researchers looked at more than 1800 women. and they found eating at least one portion of full fat mill blg, cream, or cheese daily inincreased mortality rates by nearly 50%. researchers believe there could be a link to higher levels of estrogen in the products. the type of work a woman does could increase a risk for ovarian cancer. a study found women working night shifts were increased risk of an invasive form of ovarian cancer suggesting mela tonin typically produced at night may be to blame for the right after this ook two firefighters received special awards today after being injured on the job protecting their communities. this engineer suffered burns after a roof collapsed on him a year ago today while he fought a fire on underwood drive.
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the fire captain broke his neck after a ceiling collapsed on top of him last thanksgiving. >> i told my employees today is his one-year anniversary today. >> here is a part of alcatras island that you'll have one chance to see this weekend. we're talking about fbi evidence collected during the famous inmate escape. there are they're dating back to civil war, five million pieces in all. >> the items usually available to researchers but they will
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be out this saturday for the public to see. to find out detail goes see it on tv segment. >> they were supposed to leave for earth after being in space nearly five months their landing site is covered in snow because of a storm there. >> looking outside looks like if we're going to have rain or sun. >> there is no snow here but we do have a storm coming up. you'll see high clouds overhead now. there is no at this hour. you can see there is snow up
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there. and it's dwindling. there is a ns crans of snow. 68 degrees in san carlos, temperatures mid-50s. to mid-70s range. looking at san jose, nice filtered sunshine now. 69 the high so far for the day. 69 degrees in santa rosa. it's 71 degrees in livermore. here is a look at what is coming up. patchy fog tonight. turning sunny skies for saturday sunday as well, rain arriving tuesday night and will continue for the first day of spring which is wednesday. you can see clouds passing through. right now, high clouds continue to move throughout here throughout the early morning hours, then we'll see clearing skies. we have high clouds overhead. we'll see patches of fog along the coast.
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and then, by afternoon, it's breezy we'll see clou skies out there. brighter conditions tomorrow, first thing in the morning only a few patches of fog at the coast. so in a comfortable zone here. 49 degrees in san francisco. tomorrow afternoon, count on sunny skies 71 san jose. peninsula, if you have plans it's just going to be comfortable weather. 69 palo alto. 50s on the coast. 59 half moon bay. south san francisco, mid-60s along the coastline, temperatures upper 50s. 74 in santa rosa. towards east bay you're going to see blue skies.
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67 san leandro. inland areas in the sunshine, higher than normal temperatures. it will work it's way towards traffic center plaza. by early afternoon mid-60s then breezy by 5:00 p.m. but still sunny. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. cooler weather sunday, temperatures dropping tuesday, wednesday, only 60s coastside. 50s coast side, 60s inland. rain, tuesday night into wednesday. abc 7 news with another great reforce for you. plus get video forecasts, power outage information and whether tweets from your
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favorite weather team. any time of the day, we're all tweeting and live doppler 7 is keeping you ahead of everything. >> terrific. >> thank you. >> coming up next, finney's friday free stuff. offering comic relief. >> also, new at 6:00 new blazer procedure allowing naem
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this is our treat for making it through the week. woo. hoo. >> and you have some great things today. >> just calling me weird. i don't know. >> first of all you guys remember don lovett from saturday night live? you can check this out. there is video of the place if you've never been there. it's a great showroom. pretty big. not so big you that don't see
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acts. you can get up to two free tickets worth $30 each. you can win tickets to the show. what a deal. really. get in on this. he's funny. he does a great job. >> yes. >> second, this is our -- this is what it s why. >> food, free food. sour flou yes, have you heard of this bakery? these guys are great. they make homemade natural fermented bread. they make bagels and pizza dough. they have classes. it's fabulous. la victoria is the name of the bakery. have you been there? >> yes. i didn't know they did sour dough bread like that. >> now, i've pawed all over it how do we get this? >> she made sure it's hers.
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>> here is how you get it. you can dial or at any time log on to abc 7 >> thank you. >> you're well come get ready for a wee bit of ireland. st. patrick's day celebration. >> we'll have all of the details for you in just a moment.
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coming up, why one community is ready to fight an upgrade to cell phone service. >> 7 on your side coming to the aid of frustrated -- frustrated frequent flyer autos plus... >> if it makes them feel they can conquer their battles. how her idea trance formed her son and making a difference in lives of others we'll have stories and more coming up at 6:00.
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>> that is a great idea. san francisco is taking it's relationship with the county cork ireland to a new level. >> cisco systems will provide a live feed between the two cities. >> revelers can watch the celebration in ireland including ed lee, who is visiting the city of cork. we're going to listen while we're talking. you can find a link under the see it on tv tab. >> that takes place tomorrow, not sunday. the parade starting at 11:30 and runs until 5:00. >> lots of fun there. >> world news is next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> we'll see you back here tonight at 6:00.
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this is "world news." tonight, two breaking stories here. a deadly plane crash right into a packed parking lot in florida. investigators rushing to the scene. cars charred. what about the pilot? any passengers? our correspondent in florida tonight. also breaking, the alarming new moves by north korea tonight. the u.s. on heightened alert. the new defenses being moved into place on the west coast. martha raddatz is standing by. abc news investigates. an alert tonight for anyone buying a car. we are on the car lot, asking about that popular tool they use to seal the deal. hey, rico. i'm david muir with abc news. we have a few questions about how you use the carfax in selling your used cars. the "20/20" investigation breaks right here. and, our "person of the week." the little girl pushed to incredible heights by her father. tonight, the obituary she just wrote, already being read by thousands all over america, called the best obit ever.
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tonight, she reads it to all of us. >> harry weathersby stamps. good evening on this friday night. diane is on assignment. and we do begin tonight with that breaking news, the plane falling out of the sky. look at the pictures coming in at this hour. the parking lot where it crashed, cars burned and firefighters still rushing to put out the flames. it happened in florida in ft. lauderdale. we do know of at least three dead tonight. and we begin here with abc's lisa stark in florida. >> reporter: panic in this parking lot in the moments after a small plane crashed into a ball of fire. cars smoldering. firefighters rushing to the scene, climbing through the wreckage. the plane, a small piper cheyenne, had just taken off from a nearby general aviation airport, shortly after 4:00


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